A Low Calorie Diet- OptiFast

by Yasmin Nolasco

American culture prides itself on the bigger the better. But is this realistic? In 2020 the rate of obesity was recorded at 42.4%. Why is excess fat a concern for health? Excess fat in the body is related to more diseases for various reasons. Obesity or excess fat is linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high glucose levels, and may cause a heart attack or stroke. What happens when we feed our bodies excess calories and don’t move it? All those calories turn to fat and stretch out your arteries and veins as well. Circulation throughout the body is very difficult and therefore poor. Obesity also impairs the body’s responsiveness to insulin, raising blood sugar and insulin levels.

There is no doubt that finding one solution to obesity is a challenge considering that there are many factors causing it. Everyone is different and therefore requires a different approach. One thing’s for certain and that is eating fewer calories. Research has proven that a low-liquid diet helps the body adjust to receiving less calories and allows the stomach to shrink. This is also a great supplement before bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass. Optifast is a Nestle food supplement that was created in 1979 and scientifically proven to help millions lose weight in a healthy manner.

Different from many other weight loss solutions, Optifast is a medically-supervised weight-loss program that closely monitors and assesses your progress towards better health and well-being as you lose weight. During your journey with Optifast, your team of healthcare professionals and nutritionists will work to ensure that the medications you are taking, and/or the calorie level of your diet are adjusted accordingly, making your weight loss both safe and effective. This solution is ideal for 26 weeks however adjustable to your preferred time frame.

We are here for you to guide you through weight loss and reach your health goals.

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