Benefits of Alkaline Water

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Alkaline water is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trend. Most people use it to lose weight, improve their health, and simplify their lifestyles. Drinking alkaline water is said to offer many health benefits. It helps slow down aging, prevent various chronic diseases, and regulate pH levels in the body, which cannot be done by tap water.

Alkaline water has been ionized; meaning the pH level of the water has been increased. The pH level is the number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance, on a scale of 0 to 14. A substance is very acidic if the pH level is one and very alkaline is the pH is 13.pH level of alkaline water is nine while that of normal water is 7 meaning its neutral. 

Benefits of Alkaline Water to Weight Loss

Alkline water stops cravings

One of the best answers to how to lose weight is to stop overeating. When you’re on a strict low-calorie diet; it becomes harder to resist the fatty foods you love. But if you want to achieve the goal of losing weight fast, then you need to stick on a stable diet plan.

To help you commit to your diet plan, choose to drink more glasses of alkaline water daily. By drinking one to two glasses of alkaline water, you may feel a sense of satisfaction and fullness for a couple of hours

Boosts metabolism

The best way to lose weight inertly is by increasing your body metabolism; this is the rate at which your body burns up calories and fats. And by doing so, your body can effectively burn unnecessary fat 24/7. With fast metabolism, you can shed excess body fats, whether asleep or awake.

Aside from regular exercise, drinking cold alkaline water can radically boost your metabolism. This enhancement stems from the excess energy it takes to heat cold water to body temperature. Around 8 to 10 glasses of cold alkaline water daily may be the extra push your body needs to improve its Resting Metabolic State-state. The body metabolizes energy at a substantial and post-absorptive state

Makes you feel full

It’s hard to stop eating, especially when there’s a lot of food on your plate. But one fast weight loss trick is to drink a glass of alkaline water 30 minutes before eating. That way, you already feel full before eating. Besides, the body needs enough water to produce digestive juices. Otherwise, you’ll end up bloated and constipated.

Alkaline water rehydrates faster

Most fitness gurus or gym-goers heavily depend on sugar-filled energy drinks for hydration. But the quickest way to lose weight is to stick to the zero-calorie alkaline water. You’ll notice that alkaline water has a good mouth-feel that makes it easy to drink.  It is also important to note that alkaline water rehydrates the body faster than regular water does. While ordinary water does a great job in hydration, alkaline water does more quickly. Intestines absorb alkaline water much quicker than ordinary water.

Balances pH levels

Drinking alkaline water helps neutralize the acidity in your body. You may think that acidity has nothing to do with fat loss. But on the contrary, your pH level is a determining factor in whether you can lose weight. You can follow the most effective weight loss tips or even commit to the best diet to lose weight quickly and still no results if you have high acid levels.

You should note that fat is acidic, and if you want to shed it off, you have to find a way for it to enter the bloodstream, then turn it into energy. Drinking alkaline water regularly can restore a healthy pH level and ultimately decrease acidity.

Try to avoid fizzy and alcoholic drinks. They raise your acid levels, and also they are stored as belly fat.

Improves muscle function

Hydrating your body with alkaline water reduces inflammation or joint pain caused by exercising. It lubricates and loosens joints so that you can enjoy a flexible and sore free body.

Hydrating will help you last longer as drinking alkaline water maximizes muscle function. To effectively avoid inflammation or joint pain, do some stretching before and after a workout session. Jumping immediately into your workouts will damage your joints and muscles.

Maintains the digestive tract

A dry colon leads to bloating and constipation. If you want to have a flat and toned tummy, you need to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Drinking alkaline water regularly lubricates the large intestines so that it can function correctly. A healthy colon flushes out all the toxins and chemicals that damage the digestive tract.

Combine proper hydration with a healthy diet for great results. Try cutting on fatty foods that give the large intestine a hard time. Consume green veggies and colourful fruits that support alkaline water in cleansing the digestive tract.

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