Blast Fat the Right Way – Medical Weight Loss!

by Morgan Hooker

Weight Loss for Everyone!

Meridian Medical is excited to share our weight loss program that caters to all. We offer weight loss options that cater to those who want to shed a few pounds for a health reason like diabetes and hypertension – or for those who are pre-surgical / post-surgical or for those who want to just look and feel great! We have appetite suppressants, vitamins orally/ IM / IV and diet and exercise tracking by a trained nutritionist. Yes, we do accept Medicaid because we want to cater to everyone but only as your primary care provider because we want to empower the greatest impact on your healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionist on board

Our nutritionist has an entire “health shelf” to help you gain balance in your diet to facilitate indigestion, alleviate allergies or address anxiety issues. We will meal plan and give you a grocery list tailored for your specific needs and lifestyle. Don’t know how to cook? We can guide you through the basics – even on a limited budget. We cant forget about those who want to gain weight… if you want to gain and body sculpt, we can serve you too. There are a lot of options at Meridian including Optifast, a medical weight loss that retrains your body to think of food in a healthier way with the guidance of the dietician. Need a immune boost? We offer IV infusions of Vitamin C, B- Complex and other supplements to optimize wellbeing. At Meridian, we are interested in helping you. Thats why we offer the CDC- approved lifestyle change program for prediabetes. You can learn more about the program here.

Personalized Care

These packages can be accessed as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with primary care service by our medical professionals. You’d be surprised about how losing a few pounds can impact your cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and more. At Meridian, you don’t just get a prescription and disappear, we ensure you’re healthy and happy with our care and our lifestyle coaches keep in touch with you.

Call us today to ask about our services either online or in-office. Book now!

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