by Yasmin Nolasco

Everybody is different and if you are craving snacks in between meals it’s alright. Keep in mind that a snack is a very small portion of food, perhaps the size of your palm. Remember to include foods high in Protein and Fiber to help digestion and feel full. AVOID packaged or Processed foods as these are usually packed with sugar, salt, or fat. Plan ahead and shop for healthy snacks when you grocery shop to avoid unhealthy ones. Keep healthy snacks at hand such as Plain popcorn, Kind Bars, dark chocolate, mozzarella cheese, trail mix, celery/peanut butter, plain yogurt, fruit, granola, low sugar cereal, oatmeal, baby carrots, cucumbers with hummus, and, PBJ, boiled eggs, variety of salad, tortilla chips and dip- guac or bean.

Healthy chips. Also Plantain chips.

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