How Stress and Emotions Affect our Health

by Yasmin Nolasco

How are you truly feeling today? Are you aware of your emotions and how they affect your health?  Mind and body are inseparable and the truth is that emotions directly affect our body’s nervous system. But how do we control this? We must first become aware of the connection and then learn ways to manage stress and other emotions.

Many things like family or work affect our emotions on a daily basis. We all have different triggers that cause us to feel strong emotions of anger, stress, sadness, or anxiety. Sometimes there are sudden changes or events in our life that cause us distress and anxiety. One event that comes to mind is the COVID pandemic which caused stress and anxiety to the world. Imagine that! Your body then reacts to the way you feel, think, and act. You might develop shortness of breath, muscle tightness, high blood pressure, or stomach ulcer. How do we control or prevent this?

AWARENESS is first. Find and create a relaxing routine that works for you.

This could be:

  • Nature Walk
  • Deep breaths/Meditation
  • Massage
  • Write or Journal
  • Calming Music (Calm App)
  • Visualize a calm place or solutions
  • Get Creative with an activity that you enjoy (Art)
  • Speak to someone
  • Prayer
  • Sing

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