Meridian Medical Launches Diabetes Prevention Program

by admin

Meridian Health Team is now launched our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in person and distance learning.

-This program is a proven method to manage our health and Lifestyle – all to ensure the sickness of “diabetes” is prevented. Once fully “diabetic”, your Body does NOT produce enough insulin for digestion anymore and you could become dependent to inject insulin. Diabetes can have traumatic effects. Once diabetic, it is very difficult to reverse course.

-The HALT platform is used to virtually deliver the DPP is a strong support structure that allows tracking of our daily, weekly and monthly activity and weight thru a 6 months period. This platform works because it supports our awareness toward a healthy Lifestyle. Diabetes usually happens because the person is unaware of the dangers they are causing by their diet. Awareness can prevent your Life from becoming permanently altered and your Lifestyle quality may increase.

*Welcome to the Health and wellness support team to live your best Life.

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