Meridian Medical: Primary Care with Weight Loss and Pain Treatment

by admin
Darryl Hooker discusses the services offered my Meridian Medical Associates.


Meridian Medical is committed to providing advanced quality Healthcare Services. We offer a wide variety of modern treatments for patients with convenience. Our on-site laboratory and testing /procedures, and Tele-medicine services are one of the most trusted among our satisfied clients. We are dedicated to the wellness, convenience and best patient care available for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our CDC- recognized Diabetic Prevention Program is a part of our primary healthcare services that assists Pre-diabetic adults, children and obese clients toward weight loss and prevention planning. At Meridian, we offer complete medical guidance to adopt a healthy lifestyle reducing cardiac risk factors and offering exclusive individual guidance for diabetes risk-reduction and obesity control. The dietary schedules and meal plans are provided considering individual nutritional requirements in a comfortable and confidential environment.


Meridian offers CDC approved pain management program through expert personnel to offer best available patient-centric care for our clients. The safe and effective approaches are applied for quick pain relief ranging from medical management to trigger point injections.

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