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Consuming a greater intake and diversity of fiber will help bowel motility, glucose regulation, and to create a sensation of fullness and help to promote healthy gut bacteria.


Fiber for lowering cholesterol:

Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber found in fruit, some vegetables and legumes lower cholesterol. Try to consume between 8 and 15 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. A serving looks like- 1 cup of fresh fruit or vegetable, ½ cup of legumes or 3 cups of leafy greens. This, in conjunction with at least 4 servings per week of nuts or seeds. A serving of nuts/seeds is about 1.5 oz. or a small handful or 2 Tbl of nut butter. When eating simple carbohydrates, aim for whole wheat, multi-grain, multi-seeded versions due to their fiber-rich content. Resistant starch, like unripe bananas, beans, cooked and then cooled potatoes have soluble and insoluble properties.

Generally, to when referring to motility we want to encourage a mix of all types of fiber and adequate hydration for faster transit time.

Fiber and Diabetes Mellitus:

Inadequate fiber increases the risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus. The most beneficial form of fiber for glycemic control is water-soluble. Some examples are oat bran, nuts, seeds, and psyllium seed husks as well as pears apples and most vegetables. The consumption of these fibers will help slow down digestion and absorption. By slowing down digestion and absorption a fast glycemic rise is prevented, while also increasing insulin sensitivity within the tissue. This also allows the uptake of glucose within the muscles and liver to improve.

Fiber for Weight Loss and Control: Points to remember

  • Fiber is a calorie-free addition. Use fiber to fill up…not out.
  • Fiber traps about 10% of your calories in its bulk that never gets absorbed, but rather passes through your digestion and into your waste.
  • A diet high in fiber also increases your metabolism.
  • Ghrelin, or “The Hunger Hormone,” is suppressed through the consumption of increased fiber.
  • Fiber decreases cravings by increasing the phytonutrient content and introducing beneficial bacteria.

For more information on how to increase you dietary fiber naturally, schedule an online or in-office consultation with our nutritionist by calling us today at 301 971-2200.

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