STUBBORN FAT: What is your motivation?

by Yasmin Nolasco

Why am I not losing weight even after days after making lifestyle changes? The mystery of weight loss is still a perplexity to healthcare providers. The reasons and factors affecting weight gain are various. Factors involved in stubborn fat loss are metabolism, imbalanced hormones, inflammatory foods/beverages, a variety of emotions, genetics, food addictions, medications, diseases such as thyroid, and the challenge to follow new habits.  

The frustration with weight loss is real! This is when we must analyze and begin the search for more solutions. Keep in mind that in order to lose one pound a week we must burn or eat 500 calories less. It takes about 3 weeks to create new habits. Often people make a change some days but indulge on others and so weight loss is not seen. Sometimes walking or low cardio exercise, where you are not sweating, is not enough to burn 500 calories a day. I often recommend increasing the intensity for cardio exercise or the amount of time doing this throughout the day. A combination of eating less and cardio exercise is key along with creating lifetime habits with reminders on your phone. Track your food and exercise with an app like My Fitness Pal, Health App, or Apple watch.

Have patience with your body as it adjusts to the changes you are making. If you indulge one day forgive yourself and get back on track the following day. Journal and write down why you are doing this? What is your motivation? Whenever you fall short with motivation read you’re “why are doing this.” If emotions or stress are causing you to overeat or indulge, find a healthy alternative that is a non-food-related activity like a walk or talk to a therapist or friend.

If you are still not losing much weight the cause might be medication or hormone imbalance. Visit your physician to explore these options and solutions. Remember to find your “Why” to stay motivated and have patience with yourself.

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