There is a disease affecting Millions of Americans

by admin

Diabetes effects 1 in 3 Americans and is the leading pre-existing condition. The real issue is citizen health, bad-eating habits of ignorance, corporations using addictive chemicals in foods to support the medical/pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma). Until people realize what is the real issue and the changes that need to be made in health: food choice, confidence/skills to prepare meals, physical exercise, positive mental health and spiritual perspective of real love of Self.

  • 29 Million Americans are Diabetic.
  • 86 Million Americans are at “Diabetic-risk.”
  • 8 million are sick with Diabetes and try to ignore it

This is a deeper reading: 

-We must adjust with the times and the real crisis at hand. The direction of our Nation is determined by an active movement of real love and education about Way of Life principles. I certified to be Lifestyle Coach for this reason. I got your back, but we must commit to accepting the breakthrough to obtain authentic wellness, or it’s a wrap for millions.

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