What Makes Life Worth Living

by Yasmin Nolasco

In the history of humanity, people are known to chase happiness and fulfillment. Most people find this in religion while others find this with family or career. The truth is that what makes life worth living is different for everyone. One common ground is relationships with others and oneself. Knowing yourself to love yourself best leads to true inner happiness.

What fulfills or motivates you?

Living a healthy lifestyle while here on earth is key while exploring the journey of purpose. Is sitting around or a fatty/carb filled meal worth losing your health? It takes time for people to create healthy habits and stick to them. It takes time because the biggest challenge humanity faces are accepting delayed gratification over instant gratification that can come from one meal, dessert/fatty/carbs/meal. Often people just don’t see the benefits of changing their lifestyle. Why eat healthier or exercise? Try weighing the pros and cons of changing your habits.

Decisional Balance Worksheet: When we think about making changes, most of us don’t really consider all “sides” in a complete way. Instead, we often do what we think we “should” do, avoid doing things we don’t feel like doing, or just feel confused or overwhelmed and give up thinking about it at all. Thinking through the pros and cons of both changing and not making a change is one way to help us make sure we have fully considered a possible change. This can help us to “hang on” to our plan in times of stress or temptation. Below, write in the reasons that you can think of in each of the boxes. For most people, “making a change” will probably mean quitting alcohol and drugs, but it is important that you consider what specific change you might want to make, which may be something else.

 Benefits/Pros Cost/Cons 
Making a Change    
Not Changing    

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