Meridian Diabetes Prevention Program

Specializes in: Diabetes Prevention, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change
We are healthcare practitioners committed to build health & awareness within our community.
We pinpoint issues detrimental to health and provide various options for resolve. The ideal is to establish a healthy quality of life that extends to family care and wellness practice.

Our Team


Margaret Stoklosa –  Clinical Nutritionist

Margaret has an easy and personable connection with every patient that she sees.  Her consults focus on understanding a given patient’s background, their significant lab concerns, their medication depletions/ interactions, and their current habits that have led to a particular diagnosis. Her nutrition approach is highly personalized taking into consideration a patient’s socioeconomic situation, motivation, and nutrition knowledge.   She is thoughtful in discussing patient concerns centered around lab values and potential referrals, and she takes extra time to communicate specific recommendations to patients with appropriate educational materials while making herself available to answer any follow-up questions.  She has a passion for nutrition and health. She looks forward to helping Meridian Medical patients live a healthy lifestyle. 


Yasmin Nolasco –  Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach


Yasmin Nolasco is a nutritionist and lifestyle coach at Meridian Medical Associates. She is a nutritionist and certified health coach. She completed her Bachelor in Dietetics and Nutrition at Lehman College in NY.  Yasmin is knowledgeable about nutritional science with a holistic approach as well as obesity and diabetes. In her personal life she follows a pescatarian diet, runs races, and gardens.

Rechelle Salazar 1

Rechelle Salazar – Nutiritionist


Rechelle Salazar is a nutritionist with Meridian Medical Associates. She completed the master’s program at MUIH (Maryland University of Integrative Health). Rechelle is knowledgeable of nutrition science  and  the influential determinants of health and wellness, as well as the prevention and treatment of disease.  She holds a holistic philosophy that integrates the physiological, socio-cultural, and evidence-informed roles of food.

Darryl Hooker

Darryl A. Hooker – Physician Assistant and Medical Coach

Darryl Hooker graduated high school in Washington DC and served  in the US army where he won national Golden Gloves.  After exiting the military, he became a licensed electrician for 25 years until graduation as a physician assistant from Howard University.  His focus has been pain medicine with experience in primary care as well as weight management.