by Yasmin Nolasco

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  

John Lennon

Remember that time when you made plans to work out at the gym or wash your car and suddenly life got in the way and those tasks went to the back burner? Life can get overwhelming with long lists of things to do and which fill up our schedules with work, errands, and family obligations. We can probably live without a gym or a clean car, but I often hear patients complaining about working a lot or not having time for exercise, sleep, or a healthy meal. What happens when we don’t prioritize our health? We get sick!

Sadly this is a serious problem many people encounter. Many go to the doctor and discover they are overweight, diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or simply have a stroke. People often don’t prioritize their health until they have a death threat.

The truth is that we are in full control of our health and disease doesn’t just happen to us. It’s easy to fall in the busy life loop and yet so important to get up and start walking that path to health again. How does one begin to prioritize their health? By taking baby steps by creating daily habits that will bring you back on track. Start practicing habits for self-care because this is a part of loving yourself! Yes, you deserve the best things in life, and that includes love! Focus on nourishing yourself with meals, exercise, and mental health above everything else in the world. Create a plan for a healthy lifestyle with a written plan and reminders. Make time for your mental health. If you feel overwhelmed with life events then you will need to find a solution for this. Try meditation, massage, or integrate a nature walk into your day.

Start a meal plan and pick one day to cook healthy meals in large quantities so it lasts three days. Make it fun and find a couple healthy recipes to cook. Avoid fast and packaged foods because that is NOT real food. Real food is freshly picked or cooked in a kitchen. Create a grocery list with only ingredients for healthy recipes and healthy snacks. If you choose fast food, think about a healthy option. For example salad with grilled chicken.  Go with Panera, Chipotle, CAVA, or a small sandwich from Subway. You could even stop by a grocery store and grab a prepared salad, soup, or chicken.

To maintain a healthy weight:  75% is what you Eat and 25% is Exercise!

Create an exercise routine that fits your schedule. Find an activity that you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a tedious task. Add a reminder in your calendar on your phone with an alarm. Physical activity can even be dancing, walking around your neighborhood, or walking stairs. One thing I love about technology is that you can watch and work out a variety of exercise videos at home. On Youtube and Instagram trainers demonstrate stretching, yoga, low impact, and cardio exercises. 

Stop and think, “What will happen to me if I don’t make a change to improve my health today?

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